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ZEUS can rapidly
establish VoIP interconnection with international and domestic VoIP deployments that are activated in a few hours in contrast to typical weekly interconnect times of TDM telecommunication carriers.
ZEUS offers immediate testing for qualified carriers.  Click Here to contact us.
"Zeus Telecommunications offers high quality termination over a combined TDM / SS7 and VoIP network. This technology ensures our customers with low cost, reliable and high quality termination. We are focused on delivering the best quality, customer service and rates.  Our helpful and friendly staff are always just a phone call away!"

Thomas Ong,
Managing Partner

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Zeus Telecommunications LLC, based in Dallas Texas is leading facilities based reseller of wholesale voice and data services. We are a fully compliant carrier that maintains tariffs in the United States as a voice termination reseller.  Our experienced management team is geared towards our customers. Our growth approach is based on one satisfied customer at a time.

ZEUS delivers voice quality of service over the Internet that is equal to or better than voice over the Public Switched Telephone Network. The Company's services include:
  • Carrier to Carrier Voice Termination
  • SIP or H.323 Interconnectivity
  • TDM SS7 or ISDN interconnectivity
Top of the line switching equipment with unparallel routing flexibly are critical to our success.

ZEUS has the ability to interconnect using standards-based VoIP protocols such as H.323 and SIP allowing internetworking and operability to multi-vendor gateways, gatekeepers, proxy servers, session border controllers, soft switches, and even IP Phones.
Our unparalleled performance combined with an attentive product and account management team allows us to provide our customers with dependable and low maintenance termination at today’s markets most affordable rates.